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Grab Your 10 PLR Products (Worth $12,879)

Stop wasting your time on product creation. It is a pain. It is very time consuming. It is very costly. How about the graphics? How about the production cost? How about the killer graphic designs? Well, if you are NOT careful, it may cost you thousands if NOT tens of thousands of dollars to create products for your business. This is the reason why I asked you to really...

"Leave The Bills to Me"

"Grab 10 NEW 'Re-Brandable' Software Products Complete With Killer Designs At 1/10th of The Price
to Produce Them on Your Own"

All the work is done for you. The graphics, the sales page templates, the thank you page templates, and the video on how to set-up your website are all done for you. It means that as long as you follow the step-by-step guides we have provided for you inside the members, you are READY to sell these killer software products.
NO exceptions to the rule!

Rajinder S Bedi
New Delhi, India

Dear Internet Friend,

Product creation is a pain.

Not only is it time consuming, but it also takes a lot of your valuable time "trying" to figure out which products are in demand and which products are just going to waste more of your time. On top of that, you are going to spend a whole lot more money to develop it.

What about the production cost?
What about the cool graphic designs?
What about the cost of fixing the bug issues of each program?
What about each feature that you put inside the software?
What about the sales copies?
What about the "Thank You" Pages?
What about the customer delivery process?

All of these processes take a lot of time. In fact, if you were to do it alone, it may cost you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars for each product that you develop. This is the reason why many newbies can NOT afford to start online. They say things that Internet Business is the way of the past where only those BIG marketers with a lot of money in their bank accounts will be able to create killer products for their businesses. This is the reason why we asked you to....

"Leave The Dirty Jobs to Us"

This allows you to FOCUS only on the "Core-Element" of business, which is to make money. For this reason alone, I have decided to give you:

"10 Re-Brandable
Software Products"

Let me be very straight forward with you, ok? :-)

In order to protect the interest of the owners, we have decided to make some restrictions upfront. This way, we do not to hear any suprise like... "I didn't know or I was not aware of that" Besides, the reason we have this restriction is really to protect you, the owner. We want to make sure that these products will NOT be saturated in the market place by certain acts of individuals.

Here is what you can NOT do with the product:
  1. You can NOT give away any of these products for free.
  2. You can NOT price individual products lower than $37.
  3. You can NOT bundle all of the products together.
  4. You can NOT bundle products with other products.
  5. You can NOT use the products as part of the bonuses for your product offer.
To make it simple, each product has to be SOLD as a stand alone product at the price of $37. This way, not only we can protect the value of the products, we are able to ensure that marketers who are selling these products based on the RULES that we apply, will be truly benefit from this. In this case, everybody wins.

Here is what you can do with the product:
  1. You can add your name to the sales page. -- It means that you are the creator of each software. Our name should NOT be on the sales page. We want your customers to know YOU. PERIOD.

  2. You can keep 100% profit on each product you sell. -- You do NOT need to share any revenue you make from each product that you sell.

  3. You can upsell other products to the same customers. -- You can do a cross sell, upsell, and downsell. Every online entreprenuer needs these software products to run their business successfully.
Now let's look at your package and what you are going to receive:

PLR Product #1:
XM Turbo2 Affiliate Page Generator
(Retail Price: $197)

(Each Product Comes With Three different colors)
Here are the features you will receive:
  • Creates your affiliate promotional pages just by following some step-by-step instructions

  • Includes templates for the following promotional tools: Text links, Email Ads, Signature Ads, PopUp Ads, Image Ads, Articles & PPC Ads (leave all the hard work to us! You do not have to sweat over the various types of tools)

  • Automatically embed the affiliate links of your affiliates into the promotional tools with just a click of the mouse! (literally spoon feed your affiliates!)

  • Provides your affiliates with ready made promotional tools that they can instantly use for their promotional efforts (and let your affiliates do all the hard work in promoting your products with the tools you provide!)

  • Make your affiliates WANT to promote your products because of the wide array of tools you provide

  • Keep your affiliates happy and at the same time, build an ARMY of hungry affiliates who will increase the amount of sales and profits you make!

  • And much more...

PLR Product #2:
XM Turbo2 Link Analyzer
(Retail Price: $197)

(Each Product Comes With Three different colors)
Here are the features you will receive:
  • Spy On Your Competitors -- Find out exactly how your competitors get the traffic. Who they are trying to target, what are their most likely customers, and what do they do to keep their competitors in the dark.

  • Analyze the Link Popularity of Your Own Sites -- This allows you to find out your weaknesses and your strength. It also allows you to know what it takes to rank high on major search engines.

  • Show no. of Backlinks from 6 different sources: Google, Yahoo, Ask, AltaVista, AllTheWeb, and Alexa. -- This is where it gets really "dangerous". You will know the EXACT links your competitors have from other websites. when you do it correctly, you are able to ask those website owners to give you the backlinks to your site.

  • Show no. of Indexed Pages in Google and Yahoo

  • Show Page Rank for 100’s of sites

  • Show Alexa Rankings

  • Export data in excel sheet for deeper analysis.

  • And much more...

PLR Product #3:
XM Turbo2 Link Cloaker
(Retail Price: $197)

(Each Product Comes With Three different colors)
Here are the features you will receive:
  • Increase Your Sales by over 900% -- When you provide an affiliate URL to your audience via email or blog, instead of looking at a link like:, your readers are able to see your affiliate link such as:

  • Create A New Campaign On The Fly -- Insert your affiliate link to the software and press "submit". That's all it takes. You can do it as a redirect or even mask your links (Cloaking). It is your choice.

  • Stop Marketing Thieves By Cloaking Your Links -- We all work very hard on this. However, there are some people who feel that we do not deserve the rewards of our hardwork. Use link the cloaker to completely remove their chances of replacing it with their own affiliate links

  • Build trust between you and your buyer -- There are so many hackers on the Internet. The worst thing is, they will give you a link that contains numbers. Unfortunately, when you give your prospects a link like, they made an assumption that it must be a hacker site. Link cloaker will remove the resitance from your potential customers.

  • Hide Your Affiliate ID So It's Not Replaced By The Person You Are Offering The Product to.

  • And much more...

PLR Product #4:
XM Turbo2 Forum Manager
(Retail Price: $197)

(Each Product Comes With Three different colors)
Here are the features you will receive:
  • Allows you to join an unlimited number of forums related to any industry you wish.

  • Once joined, you're able to post messages to all the forums and message boards that you're a member of.

  • You're able to store your most frequently used messages, like your introduction, within the Desktop Forum Manager application to use over and over again.

  • You can store all of your forum usernames and passwords within the Desktop Forum Manager application for easy input when signing into each forum.

  • Built in browser will take you to your each of your forums as you command without ever having to leave the application.

  • You can track and respond to all your forum posts that other members have responded to from within the Desktop Forum Manager application.

  • Desktop Forum Manager runs directly on your desktop and you're able to manage all of your forums without multiple windows open. Only an Internet connection is needed.

  • Saves you a tremendous amount of time by being able to manage all of these tasks and enables you to join and participate in more forums.

  • And much more...

PLR Product #5:
XM Turbo2 Info Box Creator
(Retail Price: $197)

(Each Product Comes With Three different colors)
Here are the features you will receive:
  • Allows you to create create little boxes of information i.e. help, hints, tips, tricks, FAQ by simply going through some easy steps (so you can churn out info boxes in just a fraction of the time others will take!)

  • Let your site visitors easily grasp your site features and be able to navigate without facing any difficulties. (This will boost your site’s user-friendliness greatly!)

  • Easily helps to add credibility to your websites with automatic insertion of the helpful hints you provide. (And shows your visitors that you care!)

  • Make your site look professional with helpful info boxes for your visitors! (And enhances your visitors’ surfing experience, making them want to come back again and again!)

  • Never have to worry about messing with complicated HTML codes or css files. As long as you know how to follow some simple instructions, you’ll be able to generate your own info boxes!

  • Saves you a ton of time and effort and spares you from worrying over every piece of information you wish to provide on your sites!

  • And much more...

PLR Product #6:
XM Turbo2 Keyword Research Tool
(Retail Price: $197)

(Each Product Comes With Three different colors)
Here are the features you will receive:
  • Generate huge Keyword lists almost immediately -- You do NOT need to waste your time on finding keywords for your niche one-by-one. Simply use the software, enter the primary keyword or phrase, and generate hundreds of keywords in your niche in 60 seconds.

  • Analyze the demand and supply of any niche market. -- Instead of wasting your marketing dollars on products that do not sell, let the keyword research tool analyze which market has a high demand and which markets are just a waste of time.

  • Uncover hidden niche markets with a click of a button. -- Stop hiring market research analysists. It is costly. It is NOT worth the money. It is just plain a waste of your R&D expenses. Instead, click the "button" and discover the hidden niche markets where consumers are willing to spend a lot of money, yet no marketers tap into them.

  • Extract the no. of daily searches for any keyword in the search engines.

  • Display number of competing pages for any keyword in Google, Yahoo & MSN.

  • Save your keyword results in excel worksheet for deeper research

  • And much more...

PLR Product #7:
XM Turbo2 Opt-in Page Generator
(Retail Price: $197)

(Each Product Comes With Three different colors)
Here are the features you will receive:
  • Allows your subscribers to receive their gift INSTANTLY without having to go to another page -- This allows you to build great relationship with your NEW subscribers right from the start.

  • Personalize your sales letter and address your prospects by name -- Studies have shown for many years that the more you personalize every page your prospect goes to, the higher your sales conversion will be.

  • Add images, videos, audios or anything else that can be possibly be placed on a website as a thank you message after they opt in -- This is WHERE the opt-in page generator gets really cool. You can use this page as a way to build a bonded relationship with your audience or do a one-time upsell method.

  • Increases your optins magically by at least 200% and satisfy your prospects immediately

  • Boost your response rates by at least 30%

  • Works with almost all of the main autoresponder services (such as Aweber, GetResponse and EmailAces)

  • And much more...

PLR Product #8:
XM Turbo2 Sales Letter Generator
(Retail Price: $197)

(Each Product Comes With Three different colors)
Here are the features you will receive:
  • Allows you to create sales letters by simply filling in the blanks (so you can churn out sales copies in just a fraction of the time you would normally take!)

  • Make your site look professional with a complete mini-site format as the software will allow you to enter your header, footer and product images with ease!

  • Inputs the headline, sub-headline at strategic locations (So you can grab your prospects attention and make them read your offer!)

  • Easily helps to add credibility to your sales page with automatic insertion of the testimonials you provide. (This will help boost sales tremendously!)

  • 100% compatible with ANY payment processor (so you never have to worry about not being able to receive payment!)

  • Extremely easy to integrate with Clickbank & Paypal – If you use Clickbank for your payment processor, you just have to insert your Clickbank ID and Product Number and the link will be created for your automatically. Likewise for Paypal!

  • Saves you a ton of time and effort and spare you from worrying over every single sales letter you have to write ever!

  • And much more...

PLR Product #9:
XM Turbo2 Squeeze Page Generator
(Retail Price: $197)

(Each Product Comes With Three different colors)
Here are the features you will receive:
  • Create unlimited amount of squeeze pages -- There is no limitation. It means that you can create 10, 50, or even 500 squeeze pages. It is competely your choice.

  • Choose between three different high-converting templates -- There are NOT one, NOT two, but three templates. Each template that we give you has been tested and proven to give you higher than usual sign-up rate. Simply select "one" and that's all you have to do.

  • Convert Your Squeeze Pages Project Directly into HTML -- No need to worry about HTML code. Just press 1, 2, and 3, your squeeze page will be displayed on your domain name. It is that simple.

  • Easily Insert Meta Tags for SEO Purposes -- Trying to get extra traffic to your site? Insert the keywords on your meta tags. This is how you can get unlimited traffic to your site for free.

  • Enter Your Autoresponder Codes Directly -- It works with major auto-responder services. All you need to do is creating a web form from your auto-responder service provider and insert the code to your squeeze page generator. That's all it takes.

  • Insert Audios/Videos and Images to Your Squeeze Pages

  • And much more...

PLR Product #10:
XM Turbo2 Project Manager
(Retail Price: $197)

(Each Product Comes With Three different colors)
Here are the features you will receive:
  • Never miss a project deadline again -- Track Projects, Tasks, Issues, Time & Documents along with great Collaboration tools in one place.

  • Organize Your Time With This Amazing Software -- A balanced life is the most important part in business. There are so many things coming at us from so many different direction. This software allows you to organize your daily tasks, while putting you on top of your schedule.

  • Powerful Calendar & Planning Tool -- It allows you to plan your day, week, month, and year. In addition, it allows you to plan each project thoroughly where you are able to finish up each project on time.

  • And much more...

"What Can You Do With
All 10 Re-brandable Software Products?"

One of the secrets I have mentioned to you before is... "People always need of these software products". Regardless what niche they are in, they will need to have a project manager to manage their time. They always need to know what their competitors are doing. They are always in need of sales letters, squeeze pages, and much more. (You just have to name it!)

These products that I am giving them to you are... "Evergreen Products"

You do NOT have to think about it.
You do NOT have to do any hardsell.
You do NOT need to say "buy, buy, and buy".

Your audience will simply go for it as they need these software products for their businesses. In fact, even at the price of $37 each, it is far cheaper than those companies who are pricing the same software products that I give you at the price of $97 per month.

To help you even more than before, where I want to see YOUR success on selling each product that we have provided to you, I have decided to give you four exclusive bonuses (Worth $788) that will expedite your process faster:

Exclusive Bonus #1:
Sales Page Template
(Retail Price: $97)

This sales page template compliments each product that you are going to sell. It is HTML friendly. It can be modified with "notepad". In fact, one of the best copywriters, Henry Gold, has been using this template to help his clients to create top-notch sales copy.

Here are a "few" benefits you will receive on using this template:
  • Use it to create sales pages for your PLR products -- It is the same template, but it has a unique approach that makes your audience see the "value" of your offer.

  • Use it to create sales page for your client -- There are many people who are dying to ask Henry Gold for the sales page template that converts. Since Henry was charging $25,000 on each sales page, he does NOT share his secret with the public. Now, he has moved to a new direction in his business. So, you can use this template to start pricing your copywriting service for $2,000 or more.

  • Use it to create sales pages for your other products -- This sales page template works really well with product at the price of $37. Simply modify the template to your own need, add the headlines, story line, testimonials, and bullet point benefits. That's all it takes.

  • And much more...

Exclusive Bonus #2:
Thank You Page Template
(Retail Price: $97)

This thank you template is NOT your ordinary template. It will NOT tell your audience things like... "Thank you for purchasing XYZ product". Instead, it will tell your new customer on other complimentary product they should consider.

It means that you can use it for upsell, downsell, as well as cross sell with other affiliate products that you promote in your business. YES! It is an HTML friendly. It means that you can simply modify it with "notepad".

Here are a "few" benefits you will receive on using this template:
  • Increase your sales by 50% or more. -- Many marketers have used this method to "silently" create a passive income for their businesses. Since the customer has already purchased from you, they are in the buying mood. There is no reason for you to leave the money on the table.

  • Use the template on any product that you sell online. -- There is "no reason" whatsoever for you NOT to do any cross sell. Apply on each "thank you" page on every product that you sell.

  • Use the template on your client's thank you page. -- Ask your clients to give you the link to other products he is selling, he will appreciate you. On the other hand, you could also tell your clients IF they want a PRO thank you page installed you can do that for an extra $1,000.

  • And much more...

Exclusive Bonus #3:
Tutorials to Set-up Your Website
(Retail Price: $97)

Since we understand that some of you may have difficulty setting-up your website, we will give you tutorials from setting-up your domain name, hosting, auto-responder service, third party merchant account (Bad credit and out of US marketers allowed), sales page, thank you page, and etc.

On top of that, we will give you all those resources you need to get cheap hosting, domain registration, and other resources to get your website up and running right away.

Here are a "few" benefits you will when you use our tutorials:
  • Domain Name Registration -- Which domain name you should use and how to choose it correctly. You do NOT want to make sure that the domain name is reflecting your personal branding. Also, we do NOT suggest you to buy domain name from one of the popular domain name provider as it can shut your business down at anytime.

  • Web hosting Installation -- How to sync your domain name to your server. Which hosting service you should use? Which hosting service you should avoid? Why it is a bad idea to use the same company for both domain and hosting service.

  • Modify your sales page template -- What to say, how to say it, and what you need to modify to create a higher than usual sales conversion. This is the "meat" of the whole tutorial. Henry will share his techniques on what you need to boost your sales conversion.

  • Modify your thank you page -- Henry will show you what it takes to do cross sell, upsell, and downsell on each product that you own. This way, you are able to increase your sales on other products that you offer. NOTE: Henry will even share with you how-to "mix & match" products that your potential clients may purchase after they buy the intial product.

  • And much more...

Let's Summarize What You Get...

Reserve The 10 Re-Brandable Software Products at the bottom of this page.

( Your Only Solution to start your business online )

I'll also give you the following Additional bonuses...

Sales Page Template
(It converts really well at the price of $37)
Thank You Page Template
(Increase Your Sales By 50%)
Tutorials to Set-up Your Website
(Set-up your business in 24 hours)

Total Value: U$ 788.00

You get all of this for the low one-time market test
price of:


... but you must act right now - not tomorrow - not next week -
Once we have enough "takers", we will increase the price right away.

Now, if you are one of those guys who is sitting in front of your computer who keeps wondering whether you should spend 10 bucks getting on this powerful package, let me help you do the math.

These days a measly 10 dollars is nothing. Even if you go out with a date for one day, you could easily spend $100 without even realizing it. You may remember way back when a luncheon special cost a $1, but those days are over gramps.

Let's Take a Look At How Little $10 is...

Let's compare what $10 means to you when you take your date to your house for the cheap dinner. Imagine that you've cleaned your room, living room. You borrowed your friends HDTV to impress your date. You researched hard for the cheapest take out Chinese food in your town.

What will it really cost you to spend a nice four hours with a beautiful girl?

Let's Compare 10 NEW 'Re-Brandable' Software Products to Your Cheap Date Adventure in New York City

With the gas prices spiking all the time. $5 in gas is not enough. You need at least 1/3 of the tank full to make sure your date can get back home. This way, you are not renting a $200 a night hotel in Time Square.

Geez. Find a parking meter on the street. Your date will be very impatience. The best way is parking in the garage even though is costs you a fortune.

Exclusive 4 Stars Rating Dinner
Try to tell a girl that the vegetables are good for her health. Order more salads and big portions of clam chowder to make her full. A bottle of champagne.

Ice Cream
You are running out of cash. You want to impress your date by walking with her inside the mall. You bought an ice cream for her before she is starting to want a supper with you. Great Move.

A Rose
Your three hours parking space is almost over. You want to impress your date for a very last time. You bought a $2 rose from the convenient store and tell her how much you love her. Great Job!

Total Cost for the cheap date in NYC: U$ 109

Take a look at it this way, even a cheap date costs much more than this underground teleconference. Why not, use this opportunity to get 10 Turn Key Products and start monetizing from them immediately.

Instead of just taking your date to your house, by selling your own product, you are able to take your date to a 5 star restaurant, without even worrying about your financial situation.

So, if you really are hurting for cash and those McDonald's Burgers mean so much to you, you should probably pass on this package.

Are You Ready?

Of Course You Are.

HOLD ON, ok? :-)

I really do believe that these re-brandable products will HELP you to take your business to the next level. However, as there are so many people who CLAIMED that they can do better than I am, I have decided to do something differently.

I Have To Mention One More Thing

I want you to be as confident as I am. With so much hype on the Internet, where many people say they will deliver valuable products to you, but in reality they never do. This is the reason I came up with 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on product delivery or your money back.

In fact, To ensure that your satisfied with no skepticism on what you are going to receive out of this complete package, I want to give you...

My 110% Satisfaction, No-Hassle,
Full 60-Day Money Back

I personally guarantee that you will receive every package that is mentioned above, including those special bonuses, if you order it today.

But if you're not 100% satisfied at any time 60 days after your purchase let me know and I'll issue you a 100% no hassle refund immediately, right on the spot. Plus the free bonuses are yours to keep regardless, just for your trouble.

No Hassle- No Worry- No Conditions!!

Do yourself a favor, you have got nothing to lose here. As a matter of fact, you are not the one who is taking the risk. I AM!!

If you don't like what you see for any reason, you simply tell me and I will refund every penny that you have given me.

In fact, I am the one taking all the risk for you... So, you can't possibly lose, unless you pass this up and don't give it a try!

Now, go ahead and get your package now...

YES! Please let me access to 10 NEW 'Re-Brandable' Software Products right away.

I understand that I will receive thank you page templates that allow me to do cross sell, upsell, and downsell on any products that I choose to promote.

I understand that I will also receive a sales page template that allow me to set-up my business right away.

I understand that that this powerful package will only be $10, where I will receive complete tutorials on setting-up my business even if I have NO clue how to put a website up.

"Ten NEW 'Re-Brandable' Software Products
( Scroll to summarization above to see what's included )


(Make sure you check out the special above, once we have enough "takers"
we'll increase the price right away.)

(C) 2014 Marketing Super Coach. All rights reserved.

If you have any questions Email us support@marketingsupercoach dot com

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